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MINI CYBER portrays minimalism and elegance through crafting sterling silver and gold to its rudimentary details. Integrating natural, celestial, and spiritual elements to conquer the perfect combination of quality and touch. Polished structures and frames allow the designs to overcome traditional ideas while expressing independence yet heart warming sensations. Through the series of our products, we present to you our philosophy of life.



MINICYBER establish in August 2015, 


Uses sterling silver as the base of its architecture, designs minimalistic and modern jewelry for all innovative youths.

One, that is not merely an accessory,

but also carries a person's taste and style.

Once donned upon,

it merges as a part of oneself. 

With natural curvatures,

The minimalistic structures define the classic and can withstand the test of time while bestowing confidence and charm.

Heartfully designed,

Exquisitely handcrafted,

To pursue the extreme,

While perfecting every piece.

We focus on the details,

Not rushing nor procrastinating.



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