Le Petit Prince



Length : 40cm + 9cm (Extender Chain)

"The Little Prince finds a beautiful rose on his planet. Immediately fascinated by its rarity and beauty, he helps it grow, only to realize that this rose is vain, demanding, and selfish. It began tormenting him with its rather touchy vanity, driving the Prince to leave his love. Love is watching the sunset for the forty-fourth time, cold at heart and mind, yet it can warm you up. This power is given to you by yourself."

“小王子與玫瑰,像愛的階段,我們總要走過愛的自私與虛妄,愛的爭吵與善妒,愛的分離與失落,才能完整地明白,愛的能力我們一直都有。愛是當你坐看 44 次日落,心頭冰冷,能叫你暖和起來的東西,這樣的能力,是你給自己的。”

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