Sculpted Pearl Angel Ornament



Description :

An everlasting purity that takes form as an angel. Exquisitely handmade through complicated processes while combing both traditional and modern handiwork this angelic decoration is also a car perfume. The elegance and sweetness that it carries will accompany your unique style. The artwork combines visual and olfactory sensations to create an everlasting picture and beauty. When purchasing the product, the colour can be of one's choice but the scent is randomly selected seasonally.


  • Imported plaster and paint exclusively from Japan white the scents are from Korea
  • Gold is sprayed upon while other colours are hand painted
  • White and gold angels have an iridescent glossy finish and other colours have a matte finish

Handle and Care

For the angel to accompany you as long as possible, try to keep it in clean areas and away from humidity.

Dark Oxford Grey
Classic French Red
Pearl White
Royal Gold
Millennial Pink

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