Happy-Go-Lucky Bands




  • Solid 999 sterling silver

Product Specifications

  • Female:Width: 7mm, Thickness: 2mm
  • Male:Width: 7mm, Thickness: 2mm


  • This 999 sterling silver custom-made ring is completely handmade and tailored to your wrist size. With private customization, this unique piece is crafted just for you. 

Designer's inspiration:

Capture the beauty and strength of your love with our Together Forever rings. Expertly crafted with 999 sterling silver, these customizable bands feature unique entwining designs, making them the perfect symbol of your lifelong commitment. Make this bespoke piece truly special by engraving a personal message, ensuring a moment in time that will last forever.


  • We have thickened and finely polished the thickness and edges of all the angles to ensure that they will not cause any harm to the your skin when worn. In addition, the pure silver material we use is also of high quality and safe.
  • Limited letters: max 10 letters or numbers. 
  • Font: please contact us at: hello@minicyberstudio.com, to customize your unique piece.
  • With our exquisite design, you can now add your own touch of artistry to our beautiful rings. Bring your imagination to life by personalizing your ring with a hand-drawn sketch, capturing the essence of your love story in a unique and unforgettable way. Let us help you make this special moment a cherished memory.
  • Part of our MINICYBER Haute Couture collection, we are honoured to be your designer

Steps for Customizing

  1. Choose the design: Offering a regular(simple classic) option without engraving or an exclusive private custom handmade engraving (Haute Couture)option.
  2. Select letters or patterns: If you need to add letters or patterns to the ring, select the desired letters or patterns and confirm their position and size.
  3. Customize engraving: According to your needs, engrave the ring with specific dates, names, or words, ensuring correct spelling and location.
  4. Confirm the design: Make sure the selected design and details are accurate and that you are satisfied with them.
  5. Production and delivery: Based on the confirmed design and order details, produce and deliver the customized ring.
  6. To ensure that we provide you with the highest level of service, we kindly ask that you contact us using the email address provided at checkout at: hello@minicyberstudio.com. Our team of dedicated artisans and designers will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and ensure that every detail meets our exacting standards.


  • Please ensure that the baby is supervised while wearing the ring.
  • Please avoid pulling or yanking the ring forcefully to prevent damage.
  • Do not wear the ring while sleeping or playing.
  • If cleaning is necessary, please use mild soap and water to gently wipe the ring.


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