Whimsical Pearl Ballet Necklace



Materials :

  • High quality solid 925 sterling silver


  • White gold vermeil


  • Natural Freshwater Pearl: Due to the nature of pearls, not every piece will be exactly the same hence creating a special one just for you


  • 38cm + 5cm (Extender Chain)
  • Adjustable


  • Maximize reusability and recombination with our Whimsical Pearl Ballet Necklace. The detachable butterfly pendant adds versatility to your jewelry collection. Expertly designed for maximum style and sustainability.

Designer‘s inspiration

Add a touch of playful charm with the Whimsical Pearl Ballet Necklace. Made with natural freshwater pearls and pure silver, its unique blend of bows and pearls captures attention. These pearls have an inherent vitality that adds enchanting colors, making it perfect for those passionate about accessories. Experience a natural energy boost with this necklace.

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